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Manekineko (better known as Néko) is the main antagonist of Kobushi. He is a porcelain cat who lives in Kobushi.


Néko is a battery-operated white porcelain cat with an appearance of a Japanese bobtail. He has olive-green eyes, black painted-on whiskers, a black "uni-brow" that can move, pink mouth, pink painted-on ear flaps, and black painted-on claws. He also has a large painted-on brown and black spot on top of his head and his tail is painted-on brown and black. Néko also wears a red collar with a golden cat-bell attaches.


Néko is a scheming porcelain cat with an appetite for sushi. Every night he would set out traps in hope to catch one so he could eat them, though the sushi would always outsmart his own game. Because of his role as the "lucky cat" for the restaurant, Néko believes he is the god of the restaurant and tends to speak in third person.


The Kobushis

Overall, Néko is the sworn enemy of the Kobushis because of his hunger for eating sushis.


The only sushi that Néko refuses to eat is Ebi because he can't stand Ebi's odor, unaware that it's because of the stinkypoo family curse and Ebi is desperately want to get eaten by the porcelain cat. Often, Néko and Ebi would secretly strike a deal that if Ebi manages to trick the Kobushis into being capture by Néko, then Néko must promise to eat Ebi in return. However each time, Néko would always break Ebi's promise and tosses him aside so he could eat Ebi's friends instead.

Néko is unaware of Ebi's secret identity as Ninjasmin and he would often transform to rescue his friends from Néko's clutches every time Néko breaks the promise he made to Ebi.


Out of all the known sushis except for Ebi, Néko has a soft spot for children, especially to Maguro. When Maguro sneaks out of the village to prove to his "uncle" Toro that he could defeat Néko in "Sushi Sitter", Néko doesn't take Maguro's willingness to defeat him very seriously that he shows mercy to him by playing a game of tag instead. Later when Toro came to rescue his "nephew", Néko scolds at him for his poor parenting skills while looking after the kid before letting both Toro and Maguro leave the altar.


  • The word "neko" ("猫") means "cat" in Japanese.
  • Neko made a cameo appearance in a Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir episode, Copycat. Miraculous is another show produced by ZAG.
  • The way Neko tries to capture the sushi to eat them and always fail at the end is similar to how Tom tries to capture Jerry in the Tom and Jerry series.
  • Because he, Toro, and Ebi are set to appear in the feature film of Kobushi, they're the only characters so far to be seen in CGI.


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